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1. Nov. 10, 2007
Bnei Akiva Flag Show
for Motzai Shabbat Irgun

(4.5 minutes)
In the movie clip, Dvir is usually the second boy in the left row.
Note how the march is according to the music beat. Dvir does it all from memory.
He even stops the boy on his left from making a mistake.
2. Nov. 19, 2007
Yeshiva Speech Contest
Dvir won third place

(6 minutes)
Dvir first competed and won first place in his class.
Then he advanced to the final round, which is shown here.
3. Feb. 22, 2008
Yeshiva Mishna Contest
Dvir in Semi Finals

(4 minutes)
After Yeshiva-wide written exams, Dvir was in 2nd place.
The semi-finals was part written and part oral.
Note how Dvir was unaware which question on the page in front of him
he was being asked in his oral part
until after the Rav finished reading him the oral question
(blocking the lip reading with the mike and the page).
4. Yeshiva Mishna Contest
Dvir in Finals - part 1

(5 minutes)
Dvir is still in 2nd place and advanced to the finals
composed of buzzer responses.
There was no advance notice that the questions were going to be single words,
and the answers were the connection of those words to the material learned.
I reminded the Rav that Dvir has to see his lips for the competition to be fair.
Throughout, Dvir did not hear that a wrong answer takes off 2 points.
Note the loudspeaker's / buzzer's noise whenever the Rav announced that rule.
One question was "Se-ar" (hair). Dvir asked "Se-ah"? The Rav said "Yes",
so Dvir pressed the buzzer and answered (wrong).
5. Yeshiva Mishna Contest
Dvir in Finals - part 2

(6 minutes)
The next word is "Sofer" and after 5 tries,
Dvir finally asks the Rav to spell the word.
Another word is "Torefet", Dvir is still asking what the word is,
while others are pressing the buzzer (though at the end, Dvir gets the points).

Dvir still answers many questions correctly and holds onto 2nd place.
We thank the Rav for trying to accommodate Dvir throughout the contest.

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